What we’ve bought for the hospital

Since its inception in 1992, the charity has spent £100,000s improving the lives of kidney patients at St George's Hospital. Purchases we have made to improve your stay at St George's include:

For clinics

  • Air conditioning units in clinical areas
  • Body Composition Monitor (BCM) - a device that can identify the amount of (excess) fluid a patient is "carrying"
  • Refurbishment of the relatives room and day room on Buckland Ward
  • Ice machine for Buckland Ward for the summer months
  • Vascular access probe

For wards

  • Bladder scanners for Buckland Ward (now Champneys)
  • Funding free television for all beds on Champneys Ward which would usually cost patients £3 per day and previously on
    • Buckland Ward
    • Buckland Acute Dialysis ward
    • Knightsbridge Dialysis ward
  • Bed curtains
  • Dialysis chairs

For transplant operations