2019 AGM of the St George’s Kidney Patient Association

April 16 2019
We are pleased to announce that this year's Annual General Meeting of the St George's Kidney Patient Association will take place on the Saturday, 18th May 2019 between 11am & 1pm.
The venue will be St George's Hospital, 2nd floor Grosvenor Wing, room number G2.019.

As usual, all patients, staff, carers and relatives of patients are welcome to this year's Annual General Meeting of the St George's Kidney Patients Association.

We will again have a packed and important agenda for patients and encourage as many people as possible to attend. Following a year of yet more excellent patient outcomes but continuing challenges with infrastructure for patients, the unit and hospital, you will have the opportunity to discuss these and other topics. There will be an opportunity to ask questions of Gillian Norton, Chair of the board, St George's Hospital & the soon to be appointed Head of the Renal Unit at St George's and raise points of importance to you. We will also be electing a new committee members. For the full agenda please see below.


We urge you to come along and be heard. Please also tell other patients about this as we will (for the first time under the constitution approved last year) not be sending out 1000 letters. Instead we are using email, this website, Facebook and posters in the clinics, waiting rooms dialysis centres and wards that renal patients use.

Please make also ensure that, if you have not already registered, you do so to allow you to vote on matters at the AGM.

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