Help & Support

Being diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) or Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) can seem intimidating. You may have different feelings, some driven by tiredness, others from just facing the unknown. Either way you are not alone, there is help!

Across this website and in particular this section, there is information about how you can help yourself or access services provided by the renal team at St George's and other care groups.

This section contains General Support for issues renal patients face. Things like understanding blood test, managing renal medication, dealing with your emotions and living life to the full.
If you are having money difficulties we have provided links to organisations that can help.
Our medical section provides information about kidney disease, treatments and other helpful explanations.
In Keeping Healthy with Kidney Disease we answer some of the issues you may experience and advise how to extend you kidney function with CKD or AKI.
In Keeping Healthy with Renal Failure we cover issues that you may face dealing with complications of end-stage renal failure.
In Keeping Healthy Post Transplant you will find patient advice to maintain you health and avoid the complications of your medication and other post transplant issues.
The Carers section covers support available to carers.
In Holidays, you will find information to help different patient groups plan for their travel and time away.
Diet provides advice for different phases of kidney disease as well  as recipes, recipe books and information on eating out.


Links suggests other sites around the Internet that you might find helpful.

We have now added a section exclusively for Young Adults