Patient Experience, Peer Support and Questions & Answers

We are trialling a new section on kidney patient support which we will develop over the coming months. It will include patient experience stories, coverage of a new patient peer support programme and questions and answers run by the doctors.

Patient experience stories

So to get things started we have the first of what we hope will be a number of articles written by patients and doctors.

Patient peer support programme.

We'll also be setting up a peer support programme. The intention is to offer patients the opportunity to discuss the upcoming treatment decisions and experiences with fellow patients. As a patient, you can be referred by doctors or nurses to someone with the relevant experience to help you. More information will be shared about the programme over the coming weeks after completion of training courses.

In the meantime the hospital staff have recruited an initial group following a call for volunteers. We also attach a document here  , produced by the National Kidney Federation, which explains the national programme and which is the basis for St George's programme.

Questions and Answers

We will add a section of questions and answers. It will start with a set of questions from clinics. We welcome more questions directly from readers. Send them to or use the "Share with us..." button to the right.