Holiday unit feedback by patients

Almost all the patients who are looking to select a holiday want to know if the unit is going to be good enough to meet their needs. Just like many people do with hotels, patients want to know what type of experience to expect at the unit. So please let us know your experiences and we will post them here.

For the moment we will offer two ways to do this.

We hope to offer a more interactive approach in the future.

We will add posts below as they are provided.

Suggestions for those giving feedback about a Haemodialysis Unit

For those thinking about giving us feedback here are some things you might want to comment on for Haemodialysis:

  • How easy was it to arrange the treatment? How long in advance did you need to book?
  • Were there any specific requirements at the facility (e.g. you had to bring certain medication or equipment with you)?
  • What facilities were available, such as the number and type of the dialysis machines?
  • What were the staff like: friendliness, experience, languages spoken?
  • Was the facility clean?
  • What did the treatment cost and could you recover any of these through the NHS or the
  • Would you recommend this facility to others?

Suggestions for those giving feedback about using the Baxter Peritoneal Supplies Service

For those visiting a country and manually dialysing (CAPD) or taking their APD machine with them, what were the Baxter facilities like?

  • How easy was it to arrange the treatment? How long in advance did you need to book with Baxter?
  • Were there any issues using the machine in the country you visitied? (e.g. plugs or voltage)
  • Were you able to find suitably hygienic locations to dialyse?
  • Did you have any issues storing your supplies at your accommodation?
  • Did you take a bag for your travels?
  • Did you arrange insurance for the APD machine and was that satisfactory?

Thank you.