Ravenstor Weekend Away – Peak District

An opportunity to have a FREE weekend away in the peak district, with other young people from across the country.

Ravenstor Weekend Away – Peak District

Here is what one of our young adults (26 year old on haemodialysis) thought about the event!

“The Ravenstor trip was great fun and it has definitely done me a world of good. The activities were really good fun, and it was particularly nice for me to get the opportunity to climb again (I haven’t climbed in over a year due to my fistula and a lack of confidence). Sitting round the fire on Saturday night was awesome. More importantly, it was good to talk to other young people in the same situation as me, and it has made me feel better about the life situation I seem to have fallen into. It has got me thinking more about the future, in a more positive way, and it’s spurred me on to not let my renal failure and dialysis define me or hold me back. I would urge anyone to take the opportunity to go on the trip next year, and moreover, to do their own thing, whatever they want to do, and not let their renal disease take over or limit their ambitions. Thank you to all off the nurses, renal workers and volunteers that organised the Ravenstor Trip, and also thank you to everyone that came."

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