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A note from Marie-Louise

Young adult Social!

I am very keen to get as many of you together as I can to do something fun! I am planning on throwing a social event so that you can all come along and meet each other. I think it would be a great opportunity to meet other young adults and hopefully to encourage some further opportunities for peer support, but also a great way for me to meet some more of you! So I hope as many of you will come along as possible.

I would like it if you guys could be involved in planning the event so please would you email your suggestions for what you think might be a fun thing for us to do. We could go to a café or we could go bowling or some other type of activity... whatever we want to do really. There will be lots more opportunities for us to have more events so whatever suggestions you guys make I will add them to a list and hopefully at some point we can do them. Of course I will have to apply for funding from somewhere so nothing too crazy!

It would also be great if you guys would email in and tell me what time suits you best:

A) A weekday             B) evening in the week          C) weekend day         D) weekend evening


By Marie Louise.



Christmas Event

This year the plan is to do a joint Christmas do with Guys Hospital and the Royal free!

I want you all to be involved in planning the event so it would be great if you emailed in any suggestions you have! Some ideas we've had so far are bowling, ice skating, a meal, the London eye or a Christmas pantomime.. What do you think?

Also what day is best .. A weekday evening or a weekend?

Let me know your thoughts.


BKPA Event @ Ravenstor

The 2015 Ravenstor residential weekend was a huge success! The peak district was as beautiful as I had been told and luckily the weather held out so we were able to enjoy all the activities on offer. Lots of fun and laughter was had by all and I think its safe to say everyone's thinking about next year already!

I know some of you are looking forward to seeing the pictures and reading about the weekend in the newsletter so in case you’re wondering where the articles are I have decided to wait until next month so I can do a detailed spread and anyone who wants to has time to write pieces / send in photos.


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