My Patient Applications

We all live in a more connected world of mobile and tablet devices as well as PCs and smart TVs. As such the NHS is looking to deliver more information and services in different electronic ways.

On this page we are gathering together key applications, relevant to St George's Kidney Patients and their relatives and carers. We expect this to be a growing set of applications and as such, we'll announce new ones in the News sections as they are made available. Initially they are:

Mobile Application for the St George's site

A hospital information "App" has been developed by the hospital's communication team. 

For ease of use, it is best to be viewing the link to the "App" on the Apple or Android device that it is going to be downloaded to.


PatientView is a system that provides patients with online access to test results (in particular blood tests). Follow this link for more information about PatientView.

Treatment decision support aid

The St George's team worked together with other colleagues in the NHS to produce several online decision support tools. These are three tools should you be considering :