Wandsworth Carers’ Emergency Support Scheme

If you look after someone who cannot manage without your help, you probably worry about how they would cope if something happened to you.

Now you can register with the Carers' Emergency Support Scheme and make plans for what would happen if you were suddenly taken ill, had an accident or another emergency.

Registering is simple. The all you will need to do is carry a pocket sized card which alerts others that you belong to the scheme.

Who is the scheme for?

If you are an unpaid carer providing support to a relative or friend who could not manage without your help, due to frailty illness, disability, mental health condition or additction, this service might help you. The person you look after needs to be an adult living in Wandsworth, who would be at risk if left unattended.

Why register with the scheme?

It is when the unexpected happens that  you need a back up in place, which you can rely on to promptly provide support at home for the person you care for.

The scheme is designed to give you that added peace of mind.

How does it work?

The Carers' Emergency Support Scheme Worker from the Wandsworth Carers' Centre will meet with you to discuss what you want to happen in an emergency, and develop an Emergency Plan.This Emergency Plan will
be given to Wandsworth Council so that it can be used in an emergency 24 hours per day,7 days a week, 365 days a year.
You will then carry a pocket sized card in your purse or wallet that will alert others that you are a Carer, that someone depends on you and includes Wandsworth Council's Emergency telephone number.
ln the event of an emergency someone finding your card will telephone Wandsworth Council's Emergency telephone number.

What happens in an emergency?

In an emergency the operator will ask for your personal registration number (on the back of your Emergency Card). He or she will use this number to access your Emergency Plan and will respond by following its instructions.

What happens if I don't have someone else to support the person I care for in an emergency?

lf the person you care for will be at risk if left without your support, Wandsworth Council will arrange for an emergency support provider to step in and provide care for up to 48 hours.The form of support provided will depend on the needs of the person you care for: For example the person might only need a series of "pop in" calls, or might need full "move in" care,

The emergency support provider will also help to make arrangements together with Wandsworth Adult Social Services if your emergency continues beyond the initial 48 hours.

How much does it cost?

Registering your Emergency Plan with the Carers' Emergency Support Scheme worker and making arrangements in an emergency is free.

lf necessary the Emergency Support provider will provide up to 48 hours of support without charge.

lf your accident or emergency continues beyond 48 hours, a Social Worker will come to see the person you care for to determine whether he or she is eligible for support from Wandsworth Adult Social Services. For any longer term help,
there may be a charge to the person who needs support depending on his or her financial circumstances. This will be discussed with them.

Contact Details

Contact Telephone: 020 8877 1200 or 020 8625 0811


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