Holiday Advice for Peritoneal Dialysis Patients

If you are on peritoneal dialysis it is likely that you chose this, in part, because of the flexibility to travel. For short journeys, especially within the UK, you may well be taking your own home equipment and fluid supplies.

However, a few preparations will help. This includes:

  1. Know where your nearest hospital with PD support. Phone numbers and directions.
  2. Run through your checklist to make sure you have all the right supplies and equipment.
  3. Preferably know in advance where you will exchange CAPD fluids.

For longer journeys and to more exotic destinations a notice period of up to 3 months is required. Planning includes:

  1. Supplies – Baxter who supply your fluids and other equipment at home will also supply elsewhere in the UK and in over 60 countries around the world as long as they get the notice.
  2. You destination needs to be willing to accept and store your supplies – phone ahead to confirm that they are willing to do this. Check with Baxter for how many days they’ll need to store it. Usually 2 or 3. Make sure the storage location prior to your arrival is suitable i.e. they don’t leave it out in the sun or cold! For more information on Baxter Travel service read here.
  3. Insurance for your APD machine. Apparently, no travel insurance companies will insure the machine. But home insurance should be willing to. Again, check in advance.
  4. Letters of authorisation for airlines, customs etc – arrange for these for your medication, needles, fluids and machines as required with your holiday coordinator
  5. The right voltage and plug adapters for the country you are visiting for your APD machine.
  6. If you are on the transplantation waiting list you will need to let the coordinator know your travel dates to suspend you from the list.
  7. Know where you can get local help from while away. Have emergency call numbers to the team back at St George’s and Baxters on you at all times. Know the warning signs of peritonitis and what to do,
  8. Follow the guidelines for safe exchanges in CAPD. Consider taking one bag for exchange during travel. Discuss this with the PD team at St George’s.