BKPA supports Royal College of General Practioners focus on Chronic Kidney Disease

March 13 2014

The BKPA is delighted to announce a new collaboration with the Royal College of General Practitioners which will help to improve the quality of life for people living with CKD in the community. Given the aims of this year's World Kidney Day, and its focus on raising awareness of CKD - with 'risk reduction' as a priority in Primary Care - this is a timely announcement. With a grant of £50,000 the BKPA is supporting the Royal College of General Practitioners CKD Priority Programme for three years. This Programme aims to raise both the profile and quality of kidney care in general practice.

The CKD Priority Programme will help:

  • increase awareness of kidney disease amongst healthcare professionals in primary care leading to earlier identification, timely referral to secondary care and reduction in unplanned starts on dialysis
  • highlight and reduce variation and inequality in care in general practice
  • promote treatment in accordance with NICE guidance to help improve outcomes and quality of life
  • promote self care in people with kidney disease and associated vascular disease
  • inform and educate patients to have more confidence to discuss care and lifestyle choices

"Our partnership in this important programme will help identification of many of the estimated one million people currently unaware of their CKD and will therefore also help lessen related heart attacks and strokes," says Paddy Tabor, CEO of the British Kidney Patient Association.

To visit the RCGP site follow this link.

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