Booster vaccines - Book now!

September 14 2021
The government has announced that COVID-19 boosters are now available to book.

Transplant patients should book now and not wait to be contacted by their GP or receive a letter from St. George’s.

Those people with compromised immune systems including those on immunosuppression medication are eligible for a 3rd (booster) vaccination.

Dr Popoola is encouraging all transplant patients to book their vaccines now. Due to the nature of the criteria, GP's may be slower in contacting patients for appointments so it is recommended that patients take their own initiative and book their appointment by:

  • Call 119 , select England and then choose option 2. The opening hours are 7am to 11pm.
  • or book online

The hospital will be sending letters out about booster vaccinations in the coming weeks.

Latest advice from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation

This is the statement that patients can refer to if they are in the situation where the person you are speaking to is not clear about your eligibility.


Individuals aged 12 and over with severe immunosuppression are now recommended to receive a third primary dose of the COVID-19 vaccine …..this includes all renal transplant patient

The advice recommends that a third dose is given for individuals aged 12 and over with immunosuppression if you are eligible within this category given your current health condition. 

This is being advised as a precautionary measure to increase your immunity level and provide a better vaccine response, based on studies and experience with other vaccines. 

It is being considered part of the primary course of vaccination and is separate to a booster vaccination, which will likely be in six months’ time, pending further advice. 

We recommend you contact your [GP / Consultant] to discuss the optimal timing to receive your vaccination, which must be at least 8 weeks after your second dose. 

Your [GP or consultant] will advise you how you can book an appointment to receive your third dose, which may be at the hospital where you receive treatment, your local Primary Care Network or at another site they direct you to. …..The way to book is by ringing 119 and then choosing option 2

For more information about the coronavirus vaccine, read the leaflet that came with this letter or visit 


Vaccinating members of your household.

It is also recommended that individuals are reminded that household contacts of those who are immunosuppressed are advised to be vaccinated. Individuals aged 17 ¾ and over can book via the National Booking System and children aged 12 and over should speak to their registered GP practice, who will then invite them to attend their GP-led Local Vaccination Service.

For more information please visit our article:

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