Christopher dons his running shoes again at 76

December 31 2021
An inspiring story for those trying to get back into the habit of exercise. After a transplant, stent and pacemaker Christopher's back running.

My name is Christopher Tyrrell, a 74 year old renal patient and former marathon runner.

In 2018, I was fortunate to receive a new kidney donated by my wife; as a result of the work-up tests, I also needed a pacemaker and stent inserted. 

I am extremely grateful for the care and attention by St George’s before and after my transplant.

Since the operation, I have struggled to reach any fitness allowing me to maintain any level of running.  

However, after receiving gentle encouraging guidance, I prepared to run the Hampton Court Palace 10K which I completed on Sunday 21 November this year at an even pace of 9 minutes per kilometre. The route followed the Thames from the Palace to Kingston Bridge, returning through the undulating grass and trails in Home Park.  The cold and sunny conditions were ideal. Every runner, including ‘King Henry’ and ‘Anne Boleyn’, seemed happy taking part in this well organised and friendly event. The splendid red and gold medal will be placed on our Christmas Tree this year!

I am endeavouring to improve on this performance as well as continuing to finish my law degree with the Open University.


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