Diabetes - “The Gender Gap”.  Free event for all Diabetes Patients with their carers and others.

November 6 2017
Diabetes Type 1 & 2 - ‘The Gender Gap’
Free event for all Diabetes Patients with their carers and any individuals who are interested. Refreshments provided.
Date: Tuesday 14th November 2017
Time: From 5:30pm – 8.00pm
Venue: The Hyde Park Room, Lanesborough Wing,
St George’s University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Contact: Penny Firth on tele: 0208 725 3902 or
email: penny.firth@stgeorges.nhs.uk for event queries.




5.30 - 5.45pm: Arrival and Refreshments
5.45 - 6.10pm: Processes of Care: Prevention and Adherence
Dr Ken Earle, Department of Diabetes and Endocrine Medicine
6.10 - 6.25pm: Gender Differences in Diabetes
Dr Mia Steyn, Department of Diabetes and Endocrine Medicine
6.25 - 6.45pm: Reducing the risk: Diet and Lifestyle
Jasmine Bujdoso, Dietician
6.45 - 7.00pm:  Break
7.00 - 7.20pm: Diabetic Complications: Focus on the Kidneys
Dr Joyce Popoola, Department of Renal Medicine and Transplantation
7.20 - 7.30pm: Patient Experience 1: Preventing Complications
7.30 - 7.40pm: Patient Experience 2: Managing Complications











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