Keeping well in the hot weather

August 1 2019
This summer saw the highest temperature ever recorded. Just like the rest of the population you should take care to be properly hydrated, wear factor 50 sun cream, loose fitting clothing & headwear, and avoid prolonged periods in the strong summer sun.

Dehydration is an issue for both transplant patients to keep their new transplant healthy and for dialysis patients who already watching their fluid intake.

If in any doubt about how much you should be drinking please consult your clinical team, especially fluid restricted dialysis patients.

For All Patients

Keep cooler by:

  • a cooled/wetted towel around your neck
  • put your feet in a cool bowl of water.
  • swim or bathe if permitted
  • wet your hair
  • keep out of the sun and wear loose clothing and a hat
  • keep windows closed and shades drawn on the sunny side of your home.

Dr Popoola provided the following links to provide you with general information:

And advanced warning of the weather at:

Remember, children and the elderly are particularly vulnerable so help them and keep an eye out for signs of heat-stroke.

Tips For Dialysis Patients

  • Eating:
    • Avoid salty foods as this will make you more thirsty
    • Snack on frozen berries or similar
    • Make low-calorie icicles to cool and quench thirst rather than excessive fluids
  • Drinking:
    • Drink cold rather than hot drinks with your fluid allowance. Consider freezing some or all of your allowance.
    • Discuss any changes to your allowance with dialysis staff.
    • Sip rather than slurp your drinks
    • Use smaller glass for your drinks

Tips for Transplant Patients

  • Always wear and regularly reapply factor 50 suncream, especially when swimming
  • Stay hydrated. Drink more than you would normally ~1 litre or more
  • Be particularly vigilant if your transplant is less than a year old.

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