New treatments for COVID-19 - Kidney Care UK seminar

January 30 2022
Eligible patients should by now have received a letter from the NHS (and/or St George's Hospital) and a PCR test kit as part of a programme to supply new treatments at home for COVID-19 to vulnerable members of the UK population. See below for more details. Kidney Care UK is offering an online seminar to explain these treatments and how eligible patients can access them.

For details of the seminar on the 7th February 2022 at 5pm - 6.30pm, visit the Kidney Care UK page here.

More details about the drug treatments at home, can be found at the Kidney Care UK site here.


Remember to have your booster dose (3rd & 4th doses) as soon as possible. For more information please visit:

Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine for people with a severely weakened immune system - NHS (

or if you are not a transplant patient.


Here is a sample of the letter with guidance from St George's renal team. Click image to see full letter.

The patient letter from NHS England can be found in this link below:

C1480-patient-notification-letter-important-information-about-new-treatments-for-coronavirus.pdf (

Other languages and easy read options can be found in this link below:

Letter to patients: Important information about new treatments for coronavirus

If you have not already been sent a PCR test, order and keep one at home from the NHS.

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