Want to be more involved in research or other NHS projects?

August 7 2021
We are regularly asked by the hospital and other NHS staff whether we can ask patients for their views or involvement in work at St George's or the NHS more generally. If you are interested to hear about, or participate in, or contribute to these please let us know below.

We are proposing to set up an email and / or Facebook group that we would share these requests with. There is no obligation to participate in any project. If you agree, all we will do is forward such requests to you and you can decide whether to ignore it or investigate getting further involved.

Just update your profile.

To do this find any email from us (Newsletter etc) and at the very bottom of the email select the "update my preferences link". You need to do it from an email or the system won't find your profile information.

Tick the box for "Emails updating you on patient participation projects e.g. research". Update anything else that has changed and save. Your ready to receive these emails from us!

Examples of the requests we get are:

  • St George's doctors or researchers who want feedback on their proposed renal research project before they apply for funding.
  • Feedback on St George's hospital and/or renal unit plans or specific topics.
  • Researchers at St George's or elsewhere in the UK asking for patient participation
  • Private companies who offer payment for research participation (we have not endorsed participation with any such organisations) Usually for patients with particular renal conditions.
  • National renal projects looking for patient involvement (e.g. NHS or national kidney charity)

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