Stilton spread with Melba Toast


Stilton is high in sodium and phosphate, so you may be missing it if you are on a restricted diet. This recipe uses cream cheese flavoured with Stilton for an easy starter idea. It will give you the taste of Stilton but less of the phosphate and sodium. You could also use the mixture as a sandwich filling. Melba toast is an easy, low-potassium, low phosphate snack; a 1970s classic that deserves a comeback.


  • cream cheese      150g
  • Stilton                     20g
  • black pepper         to taste
  • bread                     2 thin slices from a ready-cut brown or white loaf


10 Minutes

In a mixing bowl beat the two cheeses together until well blended. Add 1-2 teaspoons of milk if you prefer a thinner consistency. Remove crusts from bread and toast lightly.

Using a bread knife, carefully split the slices through the middle and toast the uncooked surfaces under a hot grill until crisp and brown. Serve a scoop of Stilton spread with a slice of Melba toast.

Cook's tip: This goes well with a few leaves of watercress or rocket salad or a couple of slices of fresh or tinned pear, depending on your dietary restrictions and preferences.

Hint: Use low-fat cream cheese to decrease the fat and calorie content of this dish.



Suitable for:

NOCKD Non-dialysis
YES Dialysis
YES Diabetes

Source: Eating well with Kidney Failure