Update from St George’s Hospital renal team on Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 23rd June 2020

March 24 2020
We are publishing the latest information we have on the coronavirus for kidney patients at St George's Hospital as we get it. In a fast changing situation keep in touch! Make sure you have your contact details up-to-date with the NHS; register with us for the latest information (details below)

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Below are all the changes we have made to our articles so you can keep up with what is new.

23rd June UPDATE

The Government has now made a major announcement for those shielding, relaxing some restrictions on the 6th July and announcing a pause to shielding on the 1 August subject to the prevailing infection rates and prevalence of the virus.

It has also sent out a new letter to those shielding providing information about these changes.


8th June UPDATE

The Government has updated it guidance for those shielding. In particular on exercise away from home and on how to deal with children returning to school and household members returning to work.


24th April UPDATE

We've added a brief update on the dialysis supplies situation at St George's Hospital from the renal team following coverage in the national press.


16th April UPDATE

We've added a copy of the recent letter that was sent to transplant patients and an associated letter for GPs to make sure the patient is on the "extremely vulnerable" COVID at Risk register. This entitles you to support and preferential online grocery shopping slots with the supermarkets.

Please let us know if you have received a similar letter as a dialysis patient. Email us at info@sgkpa.org.uk

15th April UPDATE

We restructured all the information now available and placed it under this Overview.

Topics include


12th April UPDATE.

We have added a new article covering support available to patients designated as "extremely vulnerable". That is dialysis and transplant patients.


This article contains advice on food shopping, home support, money, benefits, emergencies, your mental wellbeing and many other issues. Let us know whats missing!


9th April UPDATE

Advice on the letter sent by the NHS entitled "Advice to keep you safe from coronavirus" to extremely vulnerable patients. The article contains an example of the letter and say why it is important and what to do if you should have received one and have not.



29th March UPDATE.

The following updates have been made to the article:

  • Adding a new update from the hospital from the 28th March
  • This update contains information about the suspension of the transplantation programme and additional dialysis facilities at the hospital.
  • Adding links for this staying at home or shielding themselves


22nd March Article

The original article contains:

  • An update from the renal clinical team about changes to our service. 21st March.
  • A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section that seeks to answer the most common questions you may have.
  • Links to trusted national information sources
  • A brief guide on how to avoid the pitfalls of fake news.


As we receive more information on changes at the hospital and nationally we will post it here and on Facebook.

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