History of St George’s Kidney Patients Association

St George's Kidney Patients Association was founded to improve the lives and experience of renal patients at St George's Hospital. Founded in 1991 and registered as a charity 2 years later, the charity continues to support projects and buy equipment for the benefit of staff and patients at the renal unit.

The Association today

St George's Kidney Patients Association (sometimes shortened to StGKPA or SGKPA) supports patients come from across South West London, Surrey & Sussex. They come to the hospital for pre-renal failure clinics, for kidney transplantation as well as those living closer to the hospital for dialysis.

It is a charitable organisation run by patients trying to improve the lives and facilities offered to St George's Hospital Trust renal patients.

Formation of the St George's Kidney Patients Association

The 1st meeting of the SGKPA was held on June 20th 1991 at a time when there were 20-30 patients on dialysis.  In March 1992, the Treasurer of St George's Hospital informed the KPA that, if it were to continue to use the name "St George's Kidney Patients Association", Wandsworth Health Authority would want control over the funds, bank account, etc.  In May 1992, the name on the Bank account was changed to the "Tooting Kidney Patients Association".  Once St George's became an NHS Trust the KPA reverted to its former name.

Summary of official name changes
 June 20th 1991 - March 16th 1992.  St George's Kidney Patients Association.
 April 13th 1992 - February 8th 1994.  Tooting Kidney Patients Association.
 March 8th 1994 onwards.  St George's Kidney Patients Association.


Benefits agreed by St George's Hospital NHS Trust:*

  • Permission to hold KPA meetings on Trust property.

  • Gift of a filing cabinet that can be kept at St George's.

  • Use of hospital postal system for KPA business.

*Letter from Heather Knox [General Manager Medicine] dated January 14th 1994.

Key Milestones

  • The association achieved Charitable status in May 1993; Charity Commission number 1021655.
  • The first major fundraising event, a cricket match, raised £100,000 and there suddenly appeared a war chest

  • This fundraising has grown over the years to over £1,000,000.

  • Over £700,000 has been spent on vital equipment which has saved hundreds of patients and improved their quality of life. These include:

    • Transplant equipment such as 2 laparoscopic stacks for live donor key hole surgery (in 2005 & replaced in 2016), lifeport machines (for storing transplanted kidneys in-between donors) and bladder scanners for the wards.

    • Dialysis and venus access equipment

    • Equipment such as air conditioning for Buckland Ward

    • a free TV service in Champneys Ward for 23 TVs (and previously 30 TVs in Knightsbridge Wing)

  • Members of the Committee have influenced the Trust where the Renal Unit have been unable to access the Trust Board and represent patient concerns which would otherwise have stayed at local level.  

  • Importantly we have enjoyed free car parking as patients since 2002 which has continued to this day. 

  • Over 20 years the KPA Committee have campaigned to improve the buildings and facilities within which renal patients are treated. This included:

    • helping renal staff develop plans for a new unit building

    • improving the facilities in Knightsbridge Wing including paying for the installation of air conditioning on Buckland Ward and furnishing the waiting room.

    • supporting the move to the current Courtyard Clinic

  •  It has also worked with the clinicians and helped to represent patient's interests where appropriate.  

  • This website was created in 2013 to provide patients and supporters with an important source of news and information.

Still to do

There is still a lot work to do to improve the patient experience at St George's. This includes:

  1. Recreating a chronic haemodialysis service on the Tooting site to replace the trucks outside the Courtyard Clinic
  2. Providing a connection between the Courtyard Clinic and the main hospital buildings.
  3. Fixing the immediate heating issues in the Courtyard Clinic
  4. Support funding requests from the renal unit clinical team where the hospital declines funding requests.
  5. Continue to promote organ donation, particularly amongst the BAME communities.
  6. Investigate the replacement of the TV with other technology solutions on the ward and and any permanent haemodialysis facility.
  7. Continue to promote the St George's KPA to help improve patient experience and raise funds for future projects.

Officers of SGKPA [1991-2018]

President: Dr [later Professor] John B Eastwood June 1991 present
Patrons:  Dr Elizabeth Vallance 1995 2000
  Dr Naaz Coker  2005 2010
  Mr René Chang,
Christopher Smallwood
2012 2016
  Mr René Chang,
Mr Chris Eliot
Gillian Norton
2016 present
Chairman: Jim Pepper April 1991 January 1997
  Henry Norton January 1997 November 1999
  John Roberts  December 1999 February 2000
  Chris Eliot  March 2000 January 2016
  Michael Greatorex February 2016 to present
Secretary: John Thompson April 1991 January 1995
  Margie Cheung January 1995 September 1999
  Jane Byworth October 1999 March 2002
  John Roberts April 2002 December 2014
  Catherine Brown April 2017 to present
Treasurer: Mansour Chowdery November 1991  December 1993
  Jim Pepper [Acting]  January 1994 January 1995
  Geoffrey Nicholson January 1995 February 1999
  Chris Eliot February 1999 February 2000
  Dinesh Amin March 2000 January 2001
  Vacant February 2001 March 2002
  Jane Eliot March 2002 2003
  Donna Jones 2003 2005
  Stephen Chang 2006 present
Auditor: Mike Ingham   present


Charitable Finances

Growth of monetary reserves

Funds held at December 31st
1995 £    4,363.32
1997 £    9,681.46
1998 £  14,238.78
1999 £  19.457.94
2000 £  77,478.45
2001 £100,972.71
2002 £123,368.81
2004 £146,714.68
2005 £153,732.57
2006  £179,550.00
2007  £169,227.00
2008  £187,351.00
2009  £213,592.00
2010  £201,109.00
2011  £306,684.00
2012  £300,723.00
2013  £271,677.00
2014  £300,747.00
2015  £329,360.00
2016  £342,918.00
2017  £306,752.00






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