Visiting a patient on Champneys Ward

Key information for visitors and patients to know when visiting Champneys Ward, 4th Floor Lanesborough Wing.

Visiting hours are 

3pm to 9pm

Number of visitors

up to 3 at any time

If the patient is able to leave their bed there are places where more visitors can be accommodated at the same time. They include courtyard gardens as well as cafes in the main hospital. The nearest café is on the 1st Floor of the same Hospital (Lanesborough) Wing. 

To receives cards and letters

Please advise your relatives and friends that the postal address will be:

Patient Name
Champneys Ward
Lanesborough Wing
St George’s Hospital
Blackshaw Road
SW17 0QT

The sender should put their own name and address on the back of the envelope, in case you leave hospital before the letter arrives.

Please note that flowers and plants may not be allowed on some wards for infection control or general housekeeping reasons.

Ward layout 

There are 4 bays with 4 beds each and a toilet/shower room. There are also 4 single/private rooms with their own facilities. Some are currently being used as Acute Dialysis Rooms.

How to get there

Map of local area