Carol concert payment

Welcome. This page is intended for donations related to the Carol Concert at St Paul's Church, Knightsbridge in support of St George's Kidney Patients Association.


This is a test page - I will update and improve this over the next few days.

In particular, I will use only one option, remove my description to you and will replace links with a "button".

Both options require me to send you a screen shot of who's paid on an agreed frequency or I issue you with a user id to check yourself.

Alternately we can send them straight to the donation page and remove this altogether.

PAYPAL option

This option uses PayPal. It charges for donations

This option:

  • Doesn't require a PayPal account.
  • I can adjust what payment values are offered to the user. I.E. Just "Enter the amount" or in addition have pre-filled amounts such as £15, £30, £45 etc
  • Charges fees e.g. £15=42p,  £30=63p,  £80=£1.34
  • The donor can choose to pay these fees for us.
  • The donation is immediately visible in PayPal 

The donation page looks like this:


This option uses PayPal Giving Fund. It:

This option:

  • Seems to require a PayPal account. I can't be sure if that is because it knows I have one or not. You could test that.
  • No fees. All of the proceeds, plus Gift Aid, if they tick the box, are transferred in FULL to the charity.
  • The donation takes 15-45 days to be visible in our PayPal account. (They transfer to PayPal on a monthly basis) making it harder to confirm that someone has paid in the short-term.)
  • To fully understand who's paid, they must tick the box to identify themselves and wait for the next monthly cycle.

The donation page looks like this: