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Health & Safety Planning Guide for fundraising events

This online guide is designed to help you plan for a fundraising event. It gives you a quick start to things to consider. What it doesn't do is remove the need for you to assume the responsibilities as an organiser. There's further information on this on the Health and Safety Executive website.

Firstly, no health and safety guide would be worth it's salt without a disclaimer:

St George's Kidney Patients Association can’t accept any liability for loss, damage or injury as a result of your fundraising activities and our insurance doesn’t cover property or personal liability for any injury to you or anyone else who participates in your fundraiser.

This guide has been written with larger events in mind. Particularly where the general public is involved and you are using public or third party premises. For example, a fair in a park, or a cricket match at a cricket club. But many of the principles apply for smaller events.

Here are some important points to take into account when organising such an event.

  • PERMISSION If you’re holding an event in a public place, you must get PERMISSION first, either from the local authority or the property owner.
  • CONTRACT If you are hosting an event in premises other than yours or using service providers to subcontract some part of the event, make sure you have a contract in place. This is essential in defining roles and responsibilities as well as helping resolve any dispute. This is especially important when deciding who will provide the Public Liability insurance. Don’t just assume that it will be “Ok”. Ask us if you need help.
  • INSURANCE If your event involves the general public, please check you have Public Liability insurance.
  • RISK ASSESSMENT We recommend that you put any necessary procedures in place to ensure everyone’s safety to avoid accidents. Make sure you conduct a risk assessment to plan for the safety of all participants. There's further information on this on the Health and Safety Executive website.
    Assess the risks involved and make sure they are eliminated or minimized to an acceptable level, particularly in the case of children. Make sure you fully brief everyone attending about the event, including details of any risks, (for example if your fundraiser is close to water), fitness requirements, special equipment or clothing and standards of behaviour expected so they can stay safe.
    We have attached a basic risk assessment form developed by the Health and Safety Executive. The form has suggestions to speed up the process but remember you need to have considered the unique circumstances of your event. You must comply with Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and all other relevant subordinate legislation – this applies to volunteers as well.
  • FIRST AID If you are holding an event involving a number of people it’s a good idea to have first aid supplies and qualified first aiders if possible. You can get advice from St John Ambulance ( or the Red Cross (
  • SUPERVISION It's essential for events to be adequately supervised. When children are involved, this includes providing adult supervision and permission from the child's parents or guardians for them to take part.
  • PHOTOS Please make sure you ask permission from people you are taking photos of.
  • LICENCES You should check whether you need any special licenses such as, a public entertainment licence or licence to sell alcohol. Contact your local authority or email us if you’re not sure about whether you need one.
  • FOOD Comply with food safety standards. The NHS Choices Food Safety website has information on ensuring all food is prepared and stored hygienically. Alternatively contact your local authority for advice. Remember on hot summer days food will go off quickly and ice creams will melt!
  • MONEY SAFETY If you’re going to be carrying money around take care with personal security. Always use a safe route and be accompanied. Please make sure children are safe and that you do not allow anyone under 16 to collect money alone, or without an adult.
  • COUNTING Make sure you count the money in collection cans and buckets with a colleague so that you can both witness and confirm the amount raised.
  • STREET PARTY Follow this link for more information
  • ALCOHOL - if you sell alcohol at an event, you may need a licence. For more information please visit this site: