Ideas for fund raising

There are an infinite number of ways you can help organise fundraising for the St George's Kidney Patient Association.

Overview of fundraising ideas

The simplest way to collect and donate the money is by using an online website. The donations page will help guide you through the various options. They will also automatically collect GiftAid for the charity. It has 4 different categories for raising funds and each one has resources to help you promote, manage and collect donations. If you haven't already,  

so your friends and family can sponsor you in a matter of minutes.

Organised events

They have links to significant events. The links to big events such as city marathons are on the front page, otherwise search for your event. Examples include:

  • Sponsored marathon, walk, climb or sports match
  • Cake sales
  • Raffled or auction donated items at events (dinners, concerts)
  • Film night, fashion show, jumble sale, quiz night

Special / Personal occasions

Use a personal occasion to encourage donations to the charity. Examples include:

  • Birthdays
  • Weddings
  • Christenings
  • Anniversaries

Someone Special / In memory

Honour the memory of someone you love by collecting donations for a cause they cared about.

Personal Challenge

Be inventive, shave your head, give up smoking, stop talking. The possibilities are endless. Other examples include:

  • Give up your guilty pleasure and see how long you can last.
  • Keep your lips sealed for a day and ask for donations.
  • Shave off your hair and ask for donations.
  • Clear out your house and auction off items you don’t need any more.
  • Do good deeds for donations.
  • Empty your pockets and donate loose change every night for a month.”

More ideas to boost your fundraising

At home

Get sponsored to eat the diet of a kidney patient for a week. You may even lose a few pounds in the process! This means low salt, low potassium, low phosphorus foods. Visit out diet section for advice, but this includes: chocolate, coffee, potatoes/chips/crisps, tomatoes (especially tinned), fruit juices, bananas and plenty more!
Eat like a kidney dialysis patient
In exchange for a donation, re-home all your unwanted items, from books to lamps, and raise money at the same time. Alternatively attend an organise event.
Hold a car boot sale
Invite your friends and family over for a night in and ask them to donate what they would have spent on a night out.
Come dine with me
Be it chocolate, make-up or even talking for the day, challenging yourself to go without and getting sponsored for it is a great way to raise money. How about giving up smoking if you smoke? Or alcohol?
Give it up
Get out those buckets and sponges and wash your neighbours’ cars for a donation.
Car wash
Invite your friends over for a fun afternoon of sweet treats, games and fun. There are plenty of kits available on the internet to help out here.
Afternoon Tea
Have a girly night in, give your friends a manicure and paint their nails pink for a small fee. Ask friends and family to donate what they would have spent on a night out.
Girls’ night in


In your local community

Like other charities do, arrange a walk to remember a special person or time. Maybe it’s for yourself, a relative, or an organ donor. You want to remember an anniversary of a transplant donation or someone's passing. Take the time to remember and get others to join in for a donation.
Memory Walk
Ask a local venue if you can hold a quiz night, pubs are a good option. There are lots of free, ready to use quizzes available online and they’re a popular evening out. Get a local business to sponsor or donate a prize. Why not raise awareness at the same time by having a question or 2 about kidney disease and also celebrities who’ve had dialysis or a transplant.
Quiz night
A collection at a local shopping centre is one of the easiest ways to get donations – all you need is a bucket and a smile! You’ll enjoy the generosity of the public and have fun with your fellow collectors.
Bucket collections
Reuse and recycle - from handbags to DVDs, everyone loves a bargain. You could sell homemade cakes and tea as well and hold a lucky dip.
Jumble sale
Ask your local supermarket if you and your friends can come along and pack customers’ bags at each checkout. It’s a brilliant way to raise lots of money and awareness for the charity.
Bag pack
Ask friends, family or local businesses to donate prizes. Sell raffle tickets at your event and make sure you announce the winner at the end. Raffles can raise a lot of money and create a real buzz! Find out more about raffles in our raffles guide
Organise a raffle
The singer announced in 2017 that she had received a live donor kidney transplant from a friend. Even celebrities get kidney failure. Selena’s was caused by Lupus. Host a Karaoke evening including her songs - great to encourage younger participants.
Selena Gomez Karaoke evening
Hold a contest to see how many beans people can eat in a minute with a toothpick - charge people to watch!
It’s what we’ve all ‘bean’ waiting for
Have people guess the number of people on the active kidney transplant register at a particular date and time (in the past!). Contact us to provide you with the answer! Maximise the fundraising by offering 5 guesses for the price of 3 or similar.
Guess the number
Get sponsored to shave off your hair or dye it pink. You’ll be amazed at how much you can raise!

Hair today gone tomorrow

Have a ‘Guess the weight of the cake’ contest. Just remember to weigh it first so you know who wins before you eat it!
Let them eat cake


At work

Guess the number of sweets in the jar.

Ask everyone to pay to play and the winner gets all the sweets!

Sweet charity
Challenge your co-workers to a bake off and raise money whilst indulging your sweet tooth.
Bake sale
It could be on a sporting event or outcome of your favourite TV series!

At an event

Sporting or otherwise, if you do host an event, why not try a few other things to maximise your fundraising success.

Make a box of pin badges, to sell at work or at your event.
Pins and things  
Advance ticket sales means guaranteed donations. Make sure you let as many people as possible know about your event by providing information about buying tickets on Facebook and Twitter, your JustGiving page and posters in your workplace or around your local area.
Ensure it’s a sell out  


Other charity's fundraising ideas

Many of the big charities have comprehensive fundraising packs along with ideas for fund raising activities. Why not take a look at some of these sites to borrow ideas: