Further plans for this website

Published: August 29 2014

In this section we will maintain a list of both planned changes and a history of releases of the site. This applies to main changes. There will hopefully be continual additions to the news section and recipes which won't be noted here.


Date Description Version
September 2014

Initial 'soft launch' of the website. This includes main section including:

  • About this site
  • New to Renal
  • Medical
  • Help & Support
  • Hospital Information
  • News
  • Contacts
V 0.9
September 2014
  • Removing the need to type /index.php to get to the home page.

Planned Changes

Below are planned changes based on the webmasters own views and input from fellow patients. Patients should use this as an indication only as these plans are subject to change. They are in no particular order.

  • The addition of more images, sketches and videos.
  • The addition of more St George's specific patient testmonials and experiences.
  • Articles from staff at St George's
  • Newsletters
  • More information relevant for transplant patients
  • More information relevant to the Advanced Kidney Care Clinic and Stage 1 to 4 CKD.
  • Overhaul of the diet pages in line with work started with the St George's dietician team.
  • Significantly more recipes and the ability to find recipes based on type of diet (PD/HD, diebetic etc) and main ingredients.
  • Enhancing links to Facebook and Twitter
  • Providing mobile friendly pages for a subset of pages (e.g. directions to hospital, maps & renal wing layout or appointment checklist)

We will prioritise these and new requirements submitted by patients based on feedback to the site.