eBay for Charity - how to sell items on eBay for the benefit of the charity

On occasions, we have been asked whether we would accept gifts-in-kind such as clothing or jewellery. Unfortunately until now we had no way to help you and redirected people to larger charities with shops such as Kidney Research UK. Now as a member of the eBay for Charity scheme we have a solution. For more information please read on.


When potential donors offered us items we were unable to accept them. We didn't have the facilities to sell items. Therefore these people were sometimes unable to satisfy either their or a relative's wishes.


For those donors willing to sell their item(s) on eBay, we now have a solution.

How it works

When creating (or editing) a listing for an item's sale, you can opt to donate all, or a %, of the proceeds to a charity.

How to do it. On your own listing:

  1. Begin selling an item as usual.
  2. Scroll down to the middle of the "Selling Details" section (see picture above)
  3. Tick the donate box (as pictured above)
  4. Select the % of the sale proceeds you wish to donate.
  5. (If you have not already selected St George's Kidney Patients Association as your default charity):
    1. Click on "Or select another charity you love"
    2. Search for St George's Kidney Patients Association or SGKPA, and select it.
    3. You will be returned to the listing screen with the charity listed below "Donation percentage"
    4. If you already have multiple charities chosen, make sure you select us if that is what you intended.
  6. Complete the rest of your listing and submit for sale.
  7. If you have opted to be paid by PayPal, the money will automatically be donated to our PayPal account (minus PayPal fees of 1.4%) when it is sold. If not then you can donate in the usual ways.
  8. Unless you are donating via our online partners (VirginMoneyGiving or JustGiving), don't forget to sign and return a gift aid form if you haven't already done so. Why should I sign a GiftAid form?

If you need any help please contact us on donations@sgkpa.org.uk

For more detailed information on the eBay scheme and how to use it, select this  icon here or the icon next to "Making a donation" on your own listing. Then select "Learn more".

For high value items, or items that might not be appropriate to sell on eBay, please contact us first to discuss at donations@sgkpa.org.uk

Additional benefits

You can also

  1. choose to donate a % of any item you sell on eBay.
  2. transfer any unwanted balance on your PayPal account to us. Just make a one-off donation  and choose to pay with PayPal.