End Stage Renal Diet

What do I need to know about calories? 

Calories provide energy for your body. If your doctor recommends it, you may need to cut down on the calories you eat. A dietitian can help you plan ways to cut calories in the best possible way. 

Some people on dialysis need to gain weight. You may need to find ways to add calories to your diet. Vegetable oils-like olive oil, rapeseed oil, and sunflower oil-are good sources of calories. Use them generously on breads, rice, and noodles. 

Butter and margarines are rich in calories. But these fatty foods can also clog your arteries. Use them less often. Soft margarine that comes in a tub is better than solid margarine. Vegetable oils are the healthiest way to add fat to your diet if you need to gain weight. 

sweets, sugar, honey, jam, and jelly provide calories and energy However, if. If you have diabetes, be very careful about eating sweet foods. A dietitian's guidance is very important for people with diabetes. 


Should I take vitamins and minerals? 

Vitamins and minerals may be missing from your diet because you have to avoid so many foods. Your doctor may prescribe a vitamin and mineral supplement like Dialyvit or Renavit 

Take only the vitamins your doctor prescribes. 

Warning: Do not take vitamin supplements that you can buy off the shop shelf. They may contain vitamins or minerals that are harmful to you.

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