Post-Transplant diet

Specific foods and drinks to avoid to help reduce your risk of food borne infections

The attached list of foods should be avoided by all transplant patients to minimize the risk of Listeria or Salmonella infection.

  Types of food to avoid Alternative choices
Milk Unpasteurised milk such as milk sold on local farms

Pasteurised milk, tinned milks, UHT, dried milk


Unpasteurised yoghurts

Yoghurt which is described on the label as bio or probiotic or ‘bio’ drinks or supplements such as Yakult, Actimel

Pasteurised yoghurts

Any yoghurt that does not describe itself as bio or probiotic including live, plain, Greek and fruit yoghurts


Blue-veined and soft mould-ripened cheeses such as Brie, Camembert, Dolcelatte, Roquefort, Feta, Cambozola, Stilton, Danish blue

Soft sheep and goats cheeses

Soft cheeses made with unpasteurised milk for example feta

Hard cheeses such as Cheddar,

Red Leicester and Edam (cut off any visible rind)

Processed cheese, for example Philadelphia, Dairylea, Kraft, Cottage cheese

Eggs Raw eggs or undercooked eggs

Dishes containing raw egg, such as homemade mayonnaise, mousse hollandaise sauce, egg nog

Hard boiled eggs,
Well cooked scrambled egg
Well cooked omelette
Shop bought mayonnaise

Fish Raw fish such as sushi
Raw or lightly cooked shellfish
Raw oysters, caviar
Avoid smoked salmon unless eaten directly from a freshly opened packet

Well cooked fresh, frozen, tinned fish
Well cooked shellfish for example prawn curry

Meat Raw or undercooked meats, including rare meats for example steak tartare
Fresh pate
Smoked meat such as salami

Well cooked fresh, frozen, tinned meat
Tinned or bottled pate/paste
Thoroughly cooked BBQ meats


Fruits & Veg

Unwashed Fruit
Unwashed Vegetables
Shop bought salads such as coleslaw, potato salad

Washed fresh fruit
Tinned, dried and stewed fruit
Cooked fresh, frozen, tinned vegetables.
Washed salad items

Ice cream

Soft ice-cream for example Mr Whippy, McFlurry.Homemade icecream

Hard or individual ice-creams
  - serve and eat asap


Remember looking after your food is part of looking after your health.

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